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Structuring the essay:Most essays follow a structure that is similar

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Structuring the essay:Most essays follow a structure that is similar

Once you have analysed the question, carried out your initial research and decided in your tentative place and type of argument, the next phase is to make a initial outline for the essay.

Most essays follow a structure that is similar including an introduction, human body paragraphs, and a summary, as shown when you look at the diagram below.

A vital section of this preparation phase is working out of the many way that is logical provide your argument and supporting information which means your audience can quickly follow your thinking. Careful preparation shall assist make fully sure your argument is presented demonstrably and convincingly.


TEEL identifies a real method of structuring human anatomy paragraphs customwritings, and is short for:

That is explained in detail into the body that is writing element of the guide.

Sample essay outlines

Listed here are two samples of essay outlines which were printed in a reaction to the essay concern: ‘Explain the partnership between authorities culture and police accountability’.

Variation 1 reflects the type of plans that lots of pupils create. It’s ok as a starting place, however it has to be further developed. It’s very descriptive, and needs a stronger argument and much deeper analysis. Variation 2, having said that, presents an argument that is clear. It states the contention into the introduction, accompanied by a variety of supporting points which are predicated on proof.


  • Police culture is due to typical objective and feeling of ‘brotherhood’.
  • Police culture has bred cynicism, racism and a ‘code of silence’
  • This essay shall explore aftereffect of police culture on police accountability.


Contention: Police culture is an impediment to police accountability.


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